Saturday, January 22, 2011

New year, new blog title

I felt the old title was a little too restrictive; now I can flail at a wider range of topics!

Let's see, when I last posted, I was in the middle of a 10 week period of chastity, to end Jan 1st. I did make it to Jan 1st, and unlike with previous shorter periods, the orgasm was mind blowing, if not exactly to plan. Thinking I needed to cum once to clear the pipes, and then a second time to really enjoy it, I had planned an elaborate evening of sex: she was going to give me a hand job, I was going to go down on her, and then we were going to finish with me inside of her. I had even bought condoms for the first time in years. It ended up a rather comical affair as the whole thing lasted all of three minutes. All it took was her mouth on my nipple, a few quick pump of her hand and I was out for the count. Huge orgasm, followed by a huge post-orgasmic crash. I got a little ribbing from her, but this time, she was the one that spooned me as I drifted off in the after-glow.

But now, three weeks later, I'm still free, and I'm starting to miss what we had in those long months. The funny thing is that Lucy seems to be teasing me more now than when I was locked up. She's been saying things like, "Do we need to put you back in your belt?" Well, yes, but what about the terms? We just can't seem to find the right time to talk about it. Rather than analyzing it to death though, I think I'm just going to take her up on it.


  1. Well yeah! I've read this kind of thing several times recently; She's suddenly all lets do BDSM stuff, and he's but what about protocol. Practise these words, "If you want..."

  2. I really like your new title! sums up the uxorious nature of CP and FLR.
    I see your quandry about the terms. Hows about you re-negotiate on the 1st of each month? Another month locked or out in another 2 weeks, say?
    Just an idea..

    Anyway, a VERY haapy new year to you guys!

  3. @Giles, so true. I really have to work at letting go. Maybe this is the year she's really in charge.

    @Tallestrina, a very happy new year to you too! I'm not so concerned with how long I'm denied, as what happens while I'm denied. I'm beginning to think maybe I should try to eroticize completely non-reciprocal sex.