Thursday, September 16, 2010

Breaking In

I'm trying to get to the point where I can wear the CB-6000S pretty much all time time. I only got it a month ago, and wearing it has been really tough. I'm trying to go slow, but still managed to develop some sores along the A-ring. This has happened twice already, with the last time three nights ago. I've not worn the device since, but this morning things seemed to have healed up, so I'm back to trying again. What I've found out is that the first day or so is excruciating, and then I sort of adapt. I remove it every once in awhile when it's too much and after five days or so of almost continuous wear, it's almost bearable. And then sores happen and I have to take it off for few days. I'm cursed with a high and tight ball sack so until it stretches, it appears I'll just have put up with the discomfort.

For this iteration, I'm going to be super careful, and hopefully avoid the sores.

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  1. In time, this part will get better, but it will never go away entirely. It's the nature of the plastic devices. Even after a year, the CB6K would cause the kinds of issues you describe. Make sure, while you're waiting for your balls to stretch, that you keep it well lubricated with silicone lube. That will help a bit.