Sunday, September 19, 2010

Slow Learning

The other night my wife came downstairs after putting her kid to bed (we have two, we tag team) and said, "would you mine if I have drink and watch Project Runway?" I was sitting on the couch in some discomfort, having just locked myself into the CB-6000S (the first hour is always kind of painful for me). I mumbled "Sure," but in my head I was thinking she should have just sat down, put on Project Runway (which she knows I hate) and told me to go fetch her a drink. Worse yet, I didn't even get off my ass. But at least I didn't say what was in my head.

Last night, I made sure to clean up and then when she came down, I told her to sit down and relax and asked her if I could get her anything to drink. Do, don't think. Much better.

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