Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pretty Nice Night

"Pretty nice night." That's the last thing she whispered as she drifted off to sleep.

Earlier in the day I had texted her,  "I need to give you a full body massage and maybe more tonight. What do you want for dinner?" To which she replied, "Sounds very nice - or naughty. Surprise me with dinner :)"

It had been raining all day: stew weather. So I browned some beef, threw in some potatoes, onions and peas, plus a bottle of Vermont Long Trail Ale. A loaf of bread and a decent Shiraz rounded out the meal. And I had it all waiting for her when she got home. The kids almost blew it though, refusing to eat the stew (ok, maybe that beer wasn't such a good idea), making for a very stressful dinner. By the time we packed them off to bed we were both wiped and I was sure she just wanted to sleep, but she remembered the massage offer!

I started with her neck, worked my way down her back, lingering at her gorgeous ass, before moving on to her feet, all the while whispering into her ears my love for her. I had her turn over and then worked my way back up, caressing her legs, her tummy, her breasts and finished it off with a face and scalp massage. God, I love the way her skin feels under my hand. I love her little purrs of satisfaction as I gently kissed her back.  And one point I was straddling her stomach, both hands stroking her breasts, gazing at her nakedness, and it struck me how completely at ease we were with each other, that divine intimacy.

By the time I was done, I wasn't sure she wanted the "maybe more" as she seemed pretty blissed out. But my hornyness got the best of me and I wheedled the chance to lick her pussy while she drifted off to sleep. I promised I would go really slow and gentle. This is something that I've always wanted to do, but she's always said no until now. As usual, the reality doesn't match up with the fantasy. Just how does a woman recline in bed so that she can sleep while at the same time position her pussy for licking? Having her bum on a pillow will put the objective in reach, but having your bum above the level of your head is hardly good for sleep.

Anyway, after some awkward fumbling around not being able to see a thing, I was about to give up, when out of the blue she said, "I'm getting turned on." Hit me with a knotted whip, I had read her fidgeting all wrong! So I rearranged myself between her legs and dove back in. I held the entire length of my tongue against her pussy, going much slower than I usually do. I did everything at a much gentler pace, as if I was really trying to put her to sleep. It drove her wild, and after much nibbling, and blowing, and probing, she was bucking her hips against my mouth, driving her pussy into my face, her love juices dripping. I felt her steadily tense up, the rhythm of her hips steadily increasing as she went over the top. It was an amazing orgasm, long, and deep, and satisfying. After that she rolled over and drifted off to sleep, leaving me also strangely satisfied even though all I did all night was leak a copious amount of pre-cum.

Pretty nice night...


  1. This is something that I've always wanted to do, but she's always said no until now.

    Do you mean oral sex while she's falling asleep or oral sex, period?

    As for positioning, see if you can find a sort of flat bed pillow (as opposed to a fluffy one) and put it more under the small of her back instead of completely under her bum. That should get her pussy up enough for you but still be comfortable enough that she could fall asleep---although falling asleep while I am having an orgasm is not possible for me (although I will conk out immediately afterwards!). If it is in that little small of the back place, it's easy for you to slide out when you are done.

    Big improvement in the acting subby department, Shane. Good job. ;-)


  2. Dev, thank you for you comment and suggestions (and encouragement!).

    Do you mean oral sex while she's falling asleep or oral sex, period?

    Oral sex while she's falling asleep. We figured very early on that oral sex is her preferred route to the big O, and I've been happily eating her pussy since. Oral pleasure for her is the highlight of our sex life. It's an area where we are completely in sync; she loves receiving and I love giving.

    I've always wanted to "service" her while she fell asleep. Not to get her off, but just to relax and lull her to sleep. Non-sexual oral service as it where. Do you think you can fall asleep with with Ab's head between your legs? :)

  3. Do you think you can fall asleep with with Ab's head between your legs? :)

    No, I don't think I could, to be honest but that's mostly because we tend to be (most often) in a 69 position with him up on his knees--perfect for fondling a locked package but not perfect for sleeping. :-)

    Suckling, on the other hand...we fall asleep that way all the time. Have you tried that? I know you have children. Did your wife breastfeed? Did she enjoy it? If so, she might enjoy a nice nursing session...


  4. Shane,

    I found your blog by way of Thumper, and have spent the morning reading and catching up. I like the way you express yourself through your writing. Your humor comes out even when pissed or frustrated. (mad at cookies)

    Thanks for sharing yourself with us and BTW, I have to completely agree with devotedlvr about enjoying a nice nursing session - that is if you're a breast man! ANR is just one more fun thing to share and a great way to adore your wife......

  5. Foxy, thanks for the compliment. I'm glad you're enjoying some of my ramblings. Humor is all we have sometimes.