Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mad at cookies

Little butter cookies with orange icing on top. I was raging earlier tonight because after we put the kids in bed, my wife spent the rest of the evening baking cookies for my son's preschool Halloween party. I know how draining it is to take care of kids all day, and I try and go out of my way to giver her time to relax, and what does she do? She volunteers to bake cookies. And I had been hoping for a romp in the hay, as it's been a while due to various real life stuff, including her time of the month.

But a funny thing happened. Even though I was a little peeved, I still wanted her badly. I gave her a hug, kissed her neck, she responded, we made out briefly in the kitchen and all was right. We even talked a little, and I understood a little that she wanted to bake cookies.

And tonight, as she was about to go to bed, she came downstairs to check to see if I was locked. I wasn't, because contrary to my last post, I'm still having device issues. The honor system SUCKS.

We made out a little bit more.

"I hope this chastity thing works out."

"Me too."

"I can be kinky and happy, and you can be... happy."

We even shared a cookie; one less for the little beasts.

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