Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pleasure me

My wife has really been enjoying her new bath tub. She had a long soak tonight while watching Weeds and The Big C. Yes, I did run her bath, set up her laptop for Slingbox streaming, and fetched her a glass of wine. Afterward, she laid on the bed naked, blissfully content, while I lotioned her front and back and massaged her feet. When I finished I had a huge wet spot on my boxers. I really wanted to go down on her but had to settle just for a few kisses on her pussy lips.

We've been having a lot of these sessions -- Saturday, Sunday, Monday and tonight by last count. Sometimes they end with my head between her thighs driving her to orgasm and sometimes it's all about the touching, like tonight. This frequency of intimacy was rare as recently as two months ago. We're definitely getting our groove back.

I've always felt a little awkward asking to give oral sex though, so we talked a little bit about this. She was actually OK with me asking, as long I stopped pressing when she said no -- no meant no. But from now on, at my suggestion, we're going to try something that could be really hot: I'm not to ask at all. If she wants oral sex, she's going to say "pleasure me."

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