Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The story continues

I've been thinking about what happened last night with Lucy's non-reaction to this blog.

First off: what was I thinking? I had just finished a 16 hour day and I was exhausted. She had the kids all day and she was exhausted. We were mindlessly watching a crappy game and I should just have left it at that. The timing was just stupid. 

Secondly: I can take being slapped down, but the indifference really bothered me. In our relationship, I'm the emotional one, with my heart on my sleeves, and she's the stoic. When we fight, I'm the one screaming, "Say something! Anything!" and she's the one who walks off. So I get defensive whenever I think she's retreated behind her wall. But in this case, I had mistaken exhaustion for indifference. How do I know this? Because I asked her tonight, when we were both slightly more rested, and she was relaxing out naked after a hot bath, and I was idly applying moisturizer to her oh-so-luscious curves.

"So how come you stopped reading after that [entry]?"

"I thought that was it, there's more?"

Now, I do post rather infrequently, but that did make me feel like an idiot.

"It's not that I don't like your blog, but I don't follow blogs, period."

And she's right. She doesn't follow any parenting blogs, or cooking blogs, or photo blogs, so why would it be any different with a chastity blog?

"It's not just any blog though," I say. "It's another channel of communication for us."

"I can see that. Tomorrow, I'll read the rest, OK?"


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