Friday, December 10, 2010

Instant Gratification

I'm having this ridiculous urge to turn the keys over to Lucy, even though I just switched to the tighter 42mm ring yesterday morning.  I want her to take the keys and tell me to suck it up, and not let me out unless I'm raw and bleeding. I want to be out of mind with desperation at having my cock locked up and inaccessible.

Of course, the reality is that I can trivially pull out and jerk off anytime I want, so the Steelheart is largely symbolic. Yes, I understand that on some level, any chastity device is largely symbolic, but let's not go there. A foolproof way to prevent pull-out is good enough for me, and that means a piercing, which I don't have. And even if I could get a piercing, there's still the wait while it heals.

Patience, patience, patience. This whole thing is about patience. Waiting for your wife to see the benefit of keeping you chaste. Waiting for her to come around to the device. Waiting for the next time you can lick her pussy. Waiting for her to change her mind and let you worship her asshole. No more patience! Instant gratification dammit! Instant nasty gratification.

Normally, at this point, I'd just go beat off. I really hope she's in the mood tonight...


  1. It's not just a question of her being in the mood. You can help to facilitate that, you know...helping with the kids, helping with fixing dinner (or doing it all), doing the dishes afterwards...tell her, "Go sit in the other room. I'll clean up." That always does a great deal to help *my* mood, even when I hear it night after night...


  2. The first time my wife told me 'no' to unlocking so I could shave and clean up was the most incredible turning point for me. When she did it again a week later it was even better. I didn't think it would happen but when it did it made the waiting (not sure I was particularly patient) worth while. Right now these moments where she takes control are far more satisfying than an orgasm would be. I love it when she lets me know that she knows what I need (and want) and what I don't.


  3. Dev, Thumper, I definitely need to do more things for her at the friend/spouse/lover level. Thanks for the reminder.

    Atone, we're not quite there yet, but it's inevitable that one day soon she'll take the keys.