Wednesday, December 1, 2010

As if it's real

I once had a beautiful girl who wanted to beat me. I remember one afternoon when we were just lounging around the house when she out of the blue said, "Let me beat you, I really want to beat you." I turned her down. Can you imagine that? Didn't she know there were protocols to follow, and that you can't just grab somebody while they're in the middle of a book and just beat them?  She also liked to locked me up in a dog crate that we had. But that didn't work for me because she giggled through the whole thing. Dommes don't giggle. God I was such a shit. Kink didn't come naturally to her, but she tried, because she loved me. I on the other hand couldn't stand being patronized, I wasn't some sort of charity case. Because she wanted to accommodate my kink out of love, it wasn't real, and I would have none of it.

Years later and I am married to that beautiful girl. She still does a lot of things for me out of nothing more than love. Nothing more than love. I finally appreciate that beautiful girl and regret almost chasing her away, and I'm glad she's back to give me another chance.

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